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For Library Directors


Director Confidential: A Companion to the Trustee Toolkit

Download the Companion (pdf)

An effective relationship between the director and the library board is critical to providing the best possible library service for the community. Director Confidential is a companion to the Trustee Toolkit, providing additional guidance and tools for directors in working with library boards.

Resources for library directors (please also see the Trustee Toolkit Resource Guide):

Working with the board:

Presenting data to the board:

Working with consultants:

Building a better board:

See the Resource Guide for more on board development.

Board orientation:

This website is an abbreviated online version of the California Public Library Trustees Toolkit developed by the California Library Association in partnership with the California State Library. Download the PDF version to access the full Trustee Toolkit and see the Resource Guide for a comprehensive list of resources in all the areas covered by the Toolkit. The companion for library directors can be found here.

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